It is such a hard time for everyone around the globe and i hope everyone is keeping safe and are practicing social distancing and all other rules given to us by the government.At a time like this it is very easy to run out of ideas and things to do.They say an idle mind is the devils workshop and i have a little idea to keep your mind at ease.

1.DECLUTTER:I talked about decluttering in the beginning of the year and i am still going to insist.It feels so much better when you declutter your closet,makeup and even your house.best feeling in the worldšŸ¤—i tell you

2.SKIN CARE:Its a good time to let your skin rest and also do not let it lose.put on your favorite mask and be ready to glow even as you go nowhere.Have fun with products and work with what works for your skin

Bonus skin care tip for youšŸ¤—

3.PLAY INSTRUMENTAL:You know what old piano that your father has that you have never played,yes that one why not learn how to operate it at this time.There are alot of skills to be acquired and it just needs you to go out of your way to figure out where your passion is.You could come out of quarantine the best pianist we have ever seen.

4.KNIT AND CROCHET:I have always wanted to learn how to knit and crochet and sure bet i will learn it at this time.Get out of your way make those pieces and be glam

5.COCKTAILS:Who doesn’t want a good cocktail.Play along with this cocktail recipes and get yourself a good drink.It goes along way in helping lighten up your mood

  • 6.FINANCIAL PLANNING:You have been struggling with finances forever and at a time like this you need to be more financial conscious on how you use your money.Take your time and plan your finances.You can’t get out of this quarantine bad at your finances

7.COMPLETE PUZZLES:What a better way to keep your mind of things than playing games.Can’t be too old to pick the Rubiks cube and play with it.Fix those puzzles,have fun and challenge your mind

8.START BLOGGING:You know how you keep saying you want to start a blog but never do it,yes you.Start now,beat procrastinating.you love food,start that food blog,you love to write just start.Its very scary to share your thoughts to the world and people but it will be worth it after all


9.MEDITATE:There’s no better feeling than that of peace so give time for the inner you and meditate for your soul needs peace and tranquility

Yes you heard it

Last but not least…DON’T CALL YOUR EXšŸ˜Š….till next time by stay safe and hope we all get out of this transformed and changed for ever.xoxo


Well when we talk about fashion in Kenya,what comes to your mind?lets just say we have had some fashion fails with some of our local celebrities and we don’t know who to blame when it comes to fashion fails.Do we blame their bad taste or is it the designers who don’t understand their clients stylešŸ¤¦well forget the fails.Lets take a look at social media personalities in Kenya taking the fashion world at a storm one day at a time.This people dress,impress and influence.I am going to highlight them since they say”give credit where its due”

Anita nderu
Sheila kingori(pearlsandloafs)
Joy kendi
Haentel wanjiru
Phoina tosha

Give the girl the right shoe and she will conquer the world..(MARILYN MONROE).

Oooh and did i mention class needs confidence and the above beat it thats why they cut the top of my list.Africa is very capable of luxury i believe.Till next time .BYExoxo


So you know how it’s cliche you set goals for the year and when it’s the first week of the year you get all excited but never really achieve any of the goals you set?

Yeah i know you relate.so how about you try this year different,set goals and try to achieve them.lets get to see some of the ways that you can achieve goals that you want.


When you do away with things that you don’t need in your life and your system you ease the burden from your life and your system.Clear your computer,your wadrobe,your contact list and all things that you need not carry along in the next stage of your life


Even as you set goals let them make sense to you and be real to yourself as you write this goals down.


You know they say that it is easier said than done.It’s Very easy to say the things you want to achieve but unless you get out and actually do the work that involves achieving this goals it will just remain a dream. Force yourself out of the comfort zone and reap better benefits when you achieve that goal which you wanted to achieve.


When your write down things it will be easier for you to see them all the time you can write then in a notebook you frequent or even write them and pin them on a wall where you can see them.Even in the digital space you can write them in digital diaries since you’re probably more likely to frequent there

And do i say,there is no better feeling than ticking a goal you have set and achievedā˜‘ā˜‘šŸ’Æ


In the journey of wanting to achieve the goals you have set you are going to lose,people and friends who don’t reasonate with your journey .Strive to do that which makes you happy shamelessly because not everyone understands .Be you,Choose you.Always

All the best as you set your goals and strive to achieve them..

Lets all be great

Enchanted ExperiencešŸŽÆ


Pregnancy comes with it’s ups and downs and as one expects the bundle of joy many changes occur in the woman’s body.women start to get bigger than they were and some of these changes can really be overwhelming.In my opinion,pregnancy should not be a boring journey where you wear boring clothes and not take care of how you look,infact you should strive to look the part i mean unless on bad days where your hormones can’t handle looking cute.

Here are some of the kenyan celebrities who gave us a glimpse of how to look during your pregnancy period..






Technology is here with us and its here to stay and its brought so much good and harm but we need to sometimes overlook the harm and see the good.I have a few apps that i use and that really help me in my daily life and i thought i could sample them down.


Let me guess,year in year out,great money usage has been your resolution and you know what mine, too and so many other people want to keep a record of how they spend their money and even how they budget their income but not to worry because for me this app helps me analyze my financial life and gives a list of spending categories.you’re able to input your incomes and expenses and you nolonger have to wonder how you spent your money

Photo courtesy:google


It’s actually one of my favorite apps of all time.From concepts,ideas,to diy’s Pinterest has all.like every time am on Pinterest i feel really motivated and want to polish my life and make something out of it

Photo courtesy:google


Let me start by saying for some people,me included waking up is an uphill task.It is well to be up before daybreak for such habits contribute to health,wealth and wisdom.i love alarmy because i no longer have to prepare my activities in a rush because i now have an app that helps.It also gives me the option of using my favorite song as an alarm,but wait have you ever realized that if you make your favorite song your alarm it seizes to excite you.

Photo courtesy:google


Spiritual nourishment is of great use depending on what faith one believes in.For me this app has given me a great experience.some of the great features include the ability to highlight the Bible verses and there are even bookmarks.I can even share the verses with my friends which makes it an even better experience


So as women sometimes we lose track of our menstrual cycle depending on sometimes how our bodies are functioning.I have tried other apps before and i didn’t really feel as though they worked for me but this one actually did.The app is accurate and depending on the information you give and frequency to use the app actually makes it more efficient

Photo courtesy:google


We all need a destination that can give us great memories that last and make us feel like were home away from home.Kenya has a list of many great destinations but i want to sample a few popular and great destinations to add to your to do list…


Breathtaking is an understatement to describe the beautiful,coral reefs,widespread palm vegatation and long stretchy white- sand of diani.Located 30km south of Mombasa,Diani will take you there


It is one of the most popular game reserves in Africa.it’s situated in southwest Kenya and is part of the Serengeti National Park.it’s famously known for the big cats,lions,and the great wildebeest migration and the maasai people.Maasai Mara is definitely a destination to visit


If you’re looking for a safari and a favourable place to host family picnics and wildlife photography you guessed right cresent island game sanctuary is the destination to be.impala antelopes,waterbuck antelopes and birds are some of the many sceneries that will blow your mind away


It is one of the best kept secrets of the world with the great barrier reef.The reserve prides itself in natural and rich marine beauty to fulfill your sight and heart.From whale sharks and MantaRays,to three species of sea turtles,i guarantee watamu marine will bring out the tranquility


Surrounded by wooded and bushy grassland,there lies the exquisite Lake Nakuru National Park.It is ideal for birdwatching,hiking,picnics and game drives

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