Technology is here with us and its here to stay and its brought so much good and harm but we need to sometimes overlook the harm and see the good.I have a few apps that i use and that really help me in my daily life and i thought i could sample them down.


Let me guess,year in year out,great money usage has been your resolution and you know what mine, too and so many other people want to keep a record of how they spend their money and even how they budget their income but not to worry because for me this app helps me analyze my financial life and gives a list of spending’re able to input your incomes and expenses and you nolonger have to wonder how you spent your money

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It’s actually one of my favorite apps of all time.From concepts,ideas,to diy’s Pinterest has every time am on Pinterest i feel really motivated and want to polish my life and make something out of it

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Let me start by saying for some people,me included waking up is an uphill task.It is well to be up before daybreak for such habits contribute to health,wealth and wisdom.i love alarmy because i no longer have to prepare my activities in a rush because i now have an app that helps.It also gives me the option of using my favorite song as an alarm,but wait have you ever realized that if you make your favorite song your alarm it seizes to excite you.

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Spiritual nourishment is of great use depending on what faith one believes in.For me this app has given me a great experience.some of the great features include the ability to highlight the Bible verses and there are even bookmarks.I can even share the verses with my friends which makes it an even better experience


So as women sometimes we lose track of our menstrual cycle depending on sometimes how our bodies are functioning.I have tried other apps before and i didn’t really feel as though they worked for me but this one actually did.The app is accurate and depending on the information you give and frequency to use the app actually makes it more efficient

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